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Meet our community teams

Meet our community teams


Congratulations to all the children that have been elected for various community team roles within our school. You have been elected because your class mates believe you will make a fantastic contribution to improving the school. We know you will do an excellent job!


School council


The School Council meet to discuss issues that are raised by other children in the school. They also organise 'Walk to School' and deliver awards to children who have walked a certain amount of times a week.



The School Council welcome any new ideas or suggestions you have to make Inglehurst Junior School an amazing place to be.


RRSA rangers

The Rights Respecting Rangers are currently working to integrate the Rights and the related articles in to the school environment to ensure that all members of our school community understand the rights and how these are applied.


Sports leaders

The Sports Leaders are a selected group of individuals that are passionate about sport. They receive training each week ran by Brian Hookway in order to develop their skills when teaching other children. In addition to their sports coaching, Sports Leaders are responsible for maintaining the sports equipment in the containers in the playground.




Peer coaching team

Our most recent project at IJS is our peer coaching team. This team is responsible for planning coaching sessions to teach their selected partner missing gaps within their learning that they need additional help with.


Tech team

The Tech team is a group of children who are passionate and incredibly skilled at computing. They create news articles explaining recent events in school and upload them on to the website. Also, they choose videos and notices to display on our interactive pod that is found in the bottom playground.



Meet the Eco-team! They are on a mission to make our school more eco-friendly and have many projects upcoming to help with this.



Phonics buddies

A group of Year 6 children have been selected as Phonics Buddies and help Year 3 with their reading.


SNAG group

SNAG (short for: School Nutrition Action Group) are a group of children who have made it their mission to raise the profile of healthy eating within school.