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Word Aware

Word Aware

At IJS, we follow the following 'Word Aware' strategy to help our children to develop their language and vocabulary skills.




 S - Select words from the curriculum

  • Anchor words are basic words that are really useful and the whole class should know
  • Goldilocks words are useful words that are likely to be encountered in reading/oral language
  • Step on words that are less familiar but helpful as extensions.

 T- Teach words

  • Symbol: link it to visual
  • Phonology: Clap, rhyme, initial sound
  • Semantics: meaning (Collins Cobuild dictionary, word parts, different contexts)
  • Sentence: put it into a sequence
  • Action: act it out
  • Song: song or rap
  • Word wall: write it on the wall

 A – Activate

  • Practical group work that engages the children.
  • Adults use the word many times
  • Prompt children to use the word
  • Link vocabulary to activity

 R – Review

  • Reviewing words helps words fix into long term memory.
  • This needs to be done through words games or another simple way is to have a ‘word pot’.
  • A copy of the words can be sent home
  • Parents and children are encouraged to use the word(s) at home


Word aware diagram