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RRSA day

RRSA day



Inglehurst Junior School is on a journey to be recognised as a Rights Respecting School. In a Rights Respecting School, children know their key rights and appreciate the need for children’s rights to be realised everywhere. Children in a Rights respecting School are helped in their journey to becoming a global citizen. 

Here at Inglehurst Junior School, pupils are learning about many of the rights through their involvement with UNICEF and a Rights and Respecting ethos throughout the whole school.

Recently we held a Rights Respecting School Day and dedicated an entire day to learning about our rights.

Toward the end of the day we created art work to show what we had learnt. Some of the Art we created, is now on display in the top hall.

A scrapbook has been created to show the events of the day, just ask your teacher if you would like a look.