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Behaviour expectations.


At Inglehurst Junior school there are high expectations in relation to the behaviour of our pupils. All children are encouraged to understand their rights and responsibilities and behave accordingly. They can expect others to treat them with respect and they are expected to treat others with respect at all times. Parents/carers are encouraged to support these values both at home and in school.


There are clear guidelines, within the behaviour policy, for addressing issues that may arise if a member of our school community does not treat others with the rights and respect they are entitled to. The school Behaviour Mentor works within the guidelines assisting children to recognise and understand the importance of our values.


Outstanding behaviour and continued respect for others is celebrated in our weekly “Gold Dots” assembly, where children are rewarded for their use of manners, their care and consideration towards others and their politeness.

We have created our own anti-bulllying video, please take a look...





The NSPCC website contains good quality information and advice for parents/carers about dealing with  bullying: