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Christmas events!

   Christmas jumper day

On Christmas jumper day every one bought in a pound to wear a fancy Christmas jumper. All of the children and teachers were wearing one. We all had lots of fun on that day, we want it to come again. Every one wore a jumper that either flashes, sang, or looked amazing.

By Gracie and Jodi


   Christmas Dinner

 On Friday the 8th of December, there was magnificent meal, which was served with a Christmas cracker. We can’t forget about the scrumptious chocolate fudge CAKE, topped with squirty cream! The best bit was that the teachers came and served your deluxe dinner.



Roast Potatoes  

Carrots and Peas 

Brussel Sprouts


Vegetable stack



Chocolate fudge cake

Squirty cream


By Dijika, Charlie and Lexi