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Compost Awareness Week

A message from 'Carry on Composting'
We are inviting all Leicester primary schools to help celebrate International Compost Awareness Week to increase awareness of the role of composting in protecting the environment by reducing waste sent to landfill.  The week also offers the opportunity to positive press publicity by participating in a national event.
We will be organising activities at the opening of a Composting Demonstration Site at Stokes Wood Allotments, Stokes Drive, Leicester, LE3 9BS,  on Sunday 5th May including a Compost bin painting event, making Seed balls and a Compost Safari in which children can search for the creatures that turn garden and kitchen waste into compost.
Why not paint your school compost bin and send us, and the press, a photo? 
To help schools across the city  participate we have made details of these, and other compost related activities, available for download  free of charge at www.carryoncomposting.com
Details of Compost Awareness week 2019    
Sessions for schools
1.       Recyclable and Compostable Waste  http://www.carryoncomposting.com/142941457
2.        Lunch Box Session
3.        Compost Creatures and Safari
4.       Making Compost Hands on workshops.
5.        Making a Rotbot (a Compost bin in a bottle)
6.        Filling a compost bin:
7.       Decomposition Rates in a Compost bin or wormery
8.       Compostable and Biodegradable materials
9.       Composting with worms (a)
10.   Worm Compost bins (b)
11.   The Wiggo Pod
12.   Making Seed and Potting compost
13.   Making Compost Seed balls
General information on composting in schools  http://www.carryoncomposting.com/416920207
For more information on Composting  and  workshops at the Stokes Wood Allotments demonstration  site please contactCarryoncomposting1@gmail.com