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Our Curriculum

PATHWAYS – taking the steps to success                 

Primary Curriculum



In 2014 the Government released a New Curriculum which was aimed at providing children with the essential knowledge they would need to become educated citizens . The children are taught the necessary skills required to understand and make sense of what they learn and through mastery of these skills they are able to apply them to greater more challenging concepts as creative and independent learners.


At Inglehurst Junior school we have used the introduction of the new curriculum and the new assessment procedures to create a bespoke teaching tool for our school and our learners.

Pathways allows:

- teachers to plan and deliver lessons that are targeted at the needs of individual learners
- enables effective tracking of children’s progress  through the curriculum
- allows teachers to readily identify gaps in a child’s understanding
- encourages children to take responsibility for their learning- understanding where they are and what their next steps are
= teachers to assess and monitor in line with the age related expectations of the curriculum


If you would like additional information on our unique curriculum then please get in touch.