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Sport Leaders

Our sports leaders council is made up of a number of children from across the school who come together to make decisions about sporting events, help to maintain equipment and to come up with new, exciting ways to keep everyone active and healthy. They also act as role models across the school promoting sporting values and helping out in PE lessons.




Year 5/6 sports leaders also take on the role of leading activities and games in the playground. They set these up and run these independently and with great success.

Here is what some of the sports leaders think of their role:                                    

‘Being a sports leader is a fun job, but you have to be very responsible: setting up activities as well as collecting the activity logs.’ Shay and Victoria

‘Being a sports leader is the best opportunity we have ever been offered. It is so lovely to see people who don’t normally play with each other, communicate through games we set up on the playground.’ Ruby and Louise

‘We think it is fun because we get to play games with the rest of the children and they really enjoy it. It is also important as it encourages more children to become healthy and enjoy sport.’ Mason and Rylan.