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In the 2021-2022 academic year we opened our new Designated Specialist Provision (DSP) called ‘The Hive’.  The Hive has been created to help children in Key Stage 2 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.

Our aim in ‘The Hive’ is to support all students to ‘be the best version of themselves’ and in doing so, we aim for our children to view themselves and their progress in the same way. We consistently link this to the Inglehurst vision:

A place to work and play
A place to learn
A place to feel
A place to find help
A place to have fun and laugh
A place of opportunities and hope
A place where no one is left behind
A place to be the best ‘me’ I can be


What is the Hive?

The Hive is a transitional, designated specialist provision which supports up to 8 children aged between 7 and 11 who present with social emotional mental health needs. The brand-new purpose-built unit is situated within the school grounds, staffed by an experienced classed teacher, qualified therapist and specialist support staff. This is a unit funded by the Local Authority and admissions will be open to pupils from across Leicester and Leicestershire. 

What is the approach in ‘The Hive’?

Children attending the setting follow a holistic learning journey, using a creative and personalised approach to the pathway curriculum. This programme of study encourages pupils to learn in small, incremental steps over a long period of time and each child will be assessed then reassessed each term within all lessons on and off site, with the aim to increase the time spent in main stream learning. To help reduce anxiety and build resilience pupils also have regular access to:


  • Identified members of staff

  • Safe spaces to use for work or implement strategies to self-regulate 

  • The opportunity to regulate– free room for readiness for learning 

  • Visuals i.e. Timetable, instructions etc 

  • Interventions specific to their needs 

  • One page Profiles 

  • Calm box / sensory box

Emotional literacy is at the forefront of everything that we do in The Hive. By building effective positive relationships, staff will also support the children to develop their emotional intelligence.
Parents/ carers are actively encouraged to be involved with all aspects of their child’s education and are given access to an online service (Seesaw) which connects the lead teacher at all times with the parents/carers and where photographs, recordings and conversations can be had about the progress each child is making each day. EHCP reviews are arranged yearly and meetings with staff and outside agencies 3 times a year, however parents and carers are welcome to make appointments at any time.

How do the children learn in ‘The Hive’?

The morning consists of personalised literacy and numeracy lessons incorporating physical exercise, forest school, practical learning, games, investigations, and activities designed around their personal learning plan. In the afternoon, the children will follow the foundation curriculum, incorporating guided, independent and investigation tasks, relating to the topics such as History, Art, Geography, Design technology, ICT, Music and Science. The children will be given the opportunity to access: outdoor learning activities, practical skills-based learning, visits from specialists, school trips, forest schooling and life skills e.g cooking and gardening. The ethos of inclusion is considered a great strength of the school and one of the main aims of The Hive is to ensure that each child has their individual needs met, enabling them to access and be included in mainstream classes and whole school activities where ever possible.

The Team


The Hive Expertise

  • 1:1 counselling ( person centred, CBT skills)

  • Mindful Meditation 

  • Drawing & Talking

  • Interactive play therapy

  • Lego therapy 

  • Wellbeing workshops 

  • Group workshops (anxiety awareness, seeds of happiness)

  • Forest Schooling

Staff are trained in:

  • Trauma informed practice, 

  • Developing self-regulation, 

  • Nurture practices and understanding the Boxall, 

  • Therapeutic play, 

  • Safeguarding (KCSIE) 

  • AET level 1 autism awareness (whole school approach for future integration) 

  • Ongoing first aid and pending, team-teach training

  • Forest School

How do I apply for a place in ‘The Hive’?

The Hive is for children who already have an Education Health Care plan (EHCP) or are undergoing assessments to apply for one, which details the need for Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs (SEMH). Inglehurst Junior School has not got the control over who is admitted to The Hive. Children requiring a place will have to do so through the SES (Special Education Service) admissions route either at their EHCP meetings or at their panel meetings.

School Transport

Your child may qualify for free SEND school transport if they:

  • have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and are attending the school allocated by the Local Authority, identified in their most current EHCP as meeting their needs, or a nearer qualifying school


  • live more than 2 / 3 miles (primary/secondary) from their allocated school


  • you live less than 2 / 3 miles from the allocated school but their sensory, physical, medical or behavioural difficulties stop them from getting to school even with help from a parent or carer. 

For more information or for a look round the school please contact the Office.

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