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At Inglehurst Junior School, we believe that Art is a superb opportunity to express our creativity in a way that is neither right nor wrong: There are no mistakes in Art – just happy accidents! (Bob Ross). Our Art curriculum is carefully designed and sequenced to provide all pupils with opportunities to build, develop and apply their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture, with finished projects being displayed in pride of place around our school.


Art is not just for Art lessons! Pupils have the chance to be involved in the design and creation of our learning environments, both inside and outside as well as assisting in the development of school theatre sets and props!


If your child is a budding artist, our fantastic Art club is the place for them! Our talented staff are passionate about inspiring a love of Art!


We have really enjoyed working with visiting artists and visiting Art Galleries and cannot wait to be able to do so again.


Here at IJS, children really enjoy their Art lessons! Here are some of the things they say:

‘I like art because if you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter. It helps to make me more resilient.’

‘I like art because it can change hate into peace between countries and it can take you anywhere.’

‘I like art because it is peaceful time where you can express yourself.’

‘I love art because it’s creative and fun!’

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