Our Approach

“There are no mistakes in Art – just happy accidents!” – Bob Ross

Our fantastic Art Pathways at IJS aim to nurture all aspects of our pupils’ resilience. Pupils are given opportunities to build and develop their curiosity, courage, oracy and gratitude through experimenting with a wide range of media and developing the key knowledge and skills to become resilient artists. 

Aims and Objectives


School Staff:

  • To become confident in their teaching of a wide range of art and design skills and techniques.

  • To expose pupils to a variety of art mediums

  • To promote a positive, curious and experimental attitude towards gaining knowledge and skills in the subject

  • To promote resilience and the understanding that ‘art is for everyone’.

  • To provide creative opportunities where relevant across the curriculum



  • To experience a wide range of art mediums and techniques whilst developing their knowledge and skills of drawing, painting and sculpture.

  • To analyse artists’ work by discussing key elements of art.

  • To use key elements of art for effect and with increasing control.

  • To understand and apply key concepts of colour.

  • To use sketchbooks to record and review experiences and progress.

  • To enter each art lesson with a positive, curious and resilient attitude.


What is Art like at Inglehurst?

Each term, projects anchor onto key artforms, as highlighted in the National Curriculum: Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Pupils are introduced and explore a vast range of media and techniques within these fundamental areas. Within these projects, our pupils are taught and encouraged to build upon their prior knowledge and skill base in order to build their conceptual, procedural, metacognition and factual understanding of Art. By giving each of these four areas equal importance within lessons, every child is given the opportunity to shine; Art is for everyone!

Art is currently delivered to all pupils on a rotational basis each week by an enthusiastic teacher within their year group! In addition to this, all year groups regularly engage in art activities with their classroom teachers. We welcome parents and visitors who would like to offer their artistic expertise or would just like to come to lend a helping hand in one of our wonderful art classes!


Currently we offer: 

We explore both contemporary and historic artworks from a range of artists, designers and cultures, with emphasis on local/relevant creatives who inspire our pupils and break down perceived social and cultural barriers.

Excitingly, every year group is given the opportunity to meet and work with one of these inspirational professional artists. So far this year, IJS have been lucky to welcome:


Jen (Wren and Wilson)
Year 3 had a ‘flipping’ good time with illustrator and eco-warrior Jen creating their incredible underwater art installation (complete with mother and baby whale!) made with recycled materials during Global Goals Week.

Mark Watkins
Year 4 welcomed collage artist, Mark, during our fantastic Art Day. They were inspired to see Mark’s process; examples of his work and they couldn’t wait to begin creating their own collages. 


Catherine Sherrard
Sculpture artist, Catherine Sherrard, joined Year 5 for Art Day where they explored 3d form and paper sculpture. Pupils were wowed by Catherine’s cup sculpture which she created especially for them!

For additional information please view the documents below or contact Miss Higham (Subject Lead).

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