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Area of Diversity

Children in Leicester are incredibly lucky to live in such a religiously diverse city with amazing opportunities on their doorsteps, and those at IJS are no different! Our close proximity to Narborough Road especially highlights this; yet our findings show that these children know little more about religion than what happens within their own homes.


With this in mind, our Religious Education (RE) curriculum intends to immerse children in to a world of different beliefs and religions, helping them to grow in to respectful and open-minded individuals who are secure in their own beliefs but also tolerant and understanding to those around them.

Our Focus

Here at IJS, we choose to focus on four religions – Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam, as well as the world view Humanism. Islam in the second highest religion in both Leicester and within IJS. Hinduism and Sikhism are the next most popular religions within Leicester. and we have an increasing number of pupils attending our school with these beliefs. Within IJS and Leicester, we are also noticing a growing number of non-religious people, meaning the need for understanding, respect and tolerance of those with a belief more important than ever!

What We Do

Children at IJS enjoy RE lessons and especially like learning about people with different opinions to them, especially when they realise their classmates have these views! They like exploring the different artefacts, and looking for similarities and differences between the religions and their own opinions. The RE Roadshow and the Diwali dance workshops are very popular, and everyone wants to know about our recent end of year Holi celebration, complete with coloured powder, which will be happening during Summer 2 2022!

RE Gallery

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