We believe in a fully inclusive approach to supporting pupils with additional needs.

This means working in partnership with parents or carers to support children in

whatever way we can to enable them to achieve their potential.

We follow a graduated response to need from initial conversations with the class

teacher, targeted class support, to more specific personalised support, including

comprehensive analysis of any assessments and observations made by external

agencies. All actions are always taken through initial informal discussion with

parents/carers, and more in depth parent meetings and/or reviews as part of our

SEND arrangements in school.

If you would like to discuss your child's needs at any time, please do not hesitate 

to contact Miss Elaine Beatt (INCo) who will be pleased to meet with you.

What does our Inclusion Provision look like in practice?

Below are some of the interventions that have been or are currently being offered. This list in continually growing as new interventions are trailed and their impact measured:

  • Nurture groups to develop social skills and emotional well being

  • Alternative provision group to develop resilience and positive behaviours

  • Counselling 1:1 with Miss Christie

  • Anxiety group

  • Social stories to improve children's understanding of different social situations

  • Drawing and talking therapy

  • Sensory/brain breaks

  • Meet and greets

  • A 'can-do' attitude to learning

  • Playground buddies

  • Support during unstructured times

  • Supported activities during lunch breaks

  • Home school links including home/school breaks

  • Access to specialist support/agencies as needed e.g. CAMHS

  • Open door policy for parents

  • Work with Family Support Workers (Early Intervention Team)

  • Worry boxes/monsters

  • Themed assemblies and PHSE programme

  • Passport to success

  • Individual behaviour/reward systems

  • Outdoor learning at Brolay Farm

  • SEMH team support

  • Parent forum

  • Forest school

  • Theraplay

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Lunchtime Provision

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