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Painted Heart

What is Inclusion?
Where children feel respected, understood, tolerated and feel as though

they are part of the school’s community. 

At I.J.S we have an inclusive approach to supporting pupils with SEMH

(social, emotional, mental health) needs. This means working together

with parents/carers, professionals and the children to support them to

achieve their potential. Inclusion is like an umbrella which over arches

Mental Health, Forest School and the Designated Provision at Inglehurst

Junior School (the Learning Zone).

What does our Inclusion Provision look like in practice?
Below are some of the interventions that have been or are currently being offered. This list in continually growing as new interventions are trialled and their impact measured:

•    Nurture groups to develop social skills and emotional well being
•    Social stories to improve children's understanding of different social situations
•    Drawing and talking therapy
•    Sensory/brain breaks
•    Meet and greets
•    A 'can-do' attitude to learning
•    Restorative Rangers
•    Support during unstructured times
•    Supported activities during lunch breaks
•    Home school links including home/school breaks
•    Open door policy for parents
•    Anxiety groups
•    Interactive play
•    Support to refer to Early Help
•    Worry boxes/monsters
•    Themed assemblies and Jigsaw PSHE programme
•    Individual behaviour/reward systems
•    Forest school
•    SEMH team support
•    Jigsaw group for Parents


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