Our Approach

At IJS, we are passionate about children developing a natural curiosity and an excitement about the world in which they live; a good foundation in Science helps our children to observe the world around them, ask questions and work scientifically to better understand the natural world. We encourage all children to take part in inspirational, hands-on activities, so that they can truly imagine what life as a scientist would look like.   

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • To demonstrate their own curiosity and excitement in Science and encourage children to develop their own questioning and critical thinking skills.

  • To provide opportunities for children to develop independent scientific enquiry skills.

  • To provide real-world Science links to enable children to understand the impact of science both today and for the future.



  • To develop their knowledge of scientific concepts

  • To understand the different types of scientific enquiry through developing their working scientifically skills

  • To apply their knowledge and skills to real life scenarios and understand the impact of science both today and for the future


What is Science like at Inglehurst?

Science is taught for one afternoon per week at Inglehurst and lessons are based on children answering scientific questions through child-led, independent, practical enquiries. Children are taught progressively from Year 3 through to Year 6 and they revisit topics, building on the knowledge and skills they have previously acquired. To further spark the children’s interest in science, wider opportunities are provided including trips, a science week, clubs and visits from guest speakers. 


Currently we offer: 

  • Science resources and displays in classrooms

  • Oppurtunities for school trips

  • Visitors and guest speakers

  • Cross Curricular links between Computing, Maths and Literacy

  • Science Week


For additional information please view the documents below or contact Miss Seavers (Subject Lead).

Additional Documents