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Science lessons at Inglehurst Junior School aim to inspire the next generation of scientists, ranging from laboratory assistants to astronauts. We fuel children’s ambitions by showing them how their learning in the classroom links directly to their real-life experiences.

What does Science look like at IJS?
Children learn to understand the world around them through taking part in hands-on practical enquiries by: comparing changes over time, researching, making comparisons and looking for patterns. Science week transforms our children into scientists, completing fun and exciting experiments with different teachers, within classes and at home. All of this work is celebrated and showcased in our fantastic science fayre which welcomes friends and families from the local community.

To further enhance your child’s learning, they will be provided a wide range of opportunities including trips, clubs and visits by guest speakers.


Pupil Voice

Children at IJS love science. Here are some of their thoughts: 

‘I like Science because you discover things you never knew existed.’

‘I like Science because it tells us about things outside of our planet.’ 

‘I like Science because we get to do fun and exciting experiments.’

‘I like Science because you can have fun while learning!’ 

'Science is important because it helps us to understand the world.'

Science Gallery

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