The Learning Zone (DSP)

At Inglehurst Junior School the Designation Specialist Provision, or Learning Zone, is a valued and integral part of the school community and caters for up to 10 children aged between 7 and 11 years with autism and social communication difficulties.  The vision and ethos of the Learning  Zone is to ensure that the individual and specific needs of each child are met enabling them to have access to and be included in mainstream classes and whole school activities including trips outside of school with their mainstream peers. This ethos of inclusion is considered a strength of the school.


The staff within the Learning Zone are highly qualified and experienced

in working with children with autism and social communication difficulties.

The Learning Zone team share their knowledge, experience and

resources throughout the school and work in partnership with the whole

staff team.


The Learning Zone curriculum reflects the needs of the children within

the provision. The focus of the Learning Zone is to provide a meaningful

and balanced curriculum while addressing the social, communication

and flexible thinking needs of the children, equipping them with the life

skills necessary to achieve their full potential both now and in the future.


Children from the LZ attend lessons in mainstream classes with their

mainstream peers. Some children are able to access lessons without

support while others require the specialist support provided by the staff team from the LZ. Children receive the levels of support needed to enable them to succeed and progress within this mainstream environment. As such the Learning Zone is only a suitable placement for children who are able to access and make progress within a mainstream setting.