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Following a section 5 inspection in June 2023, Inglehurst Junior School continues to be a good school. 

"There is a strong sense of community at this school. The school works hard to remove any barriers to learning. As one parent commented, typical of many: ‘The school gives the children all the tools they need to succeed and supports them through every step of the way.’ The staff at the school really care about its pupils and the whole community. The pastoral team engages well with pupils and families, who state they are very well supported.


The school is ambitious for all to succeed academically. Pupils achieve well here. As one pupil stated: ‘Our teachers are the best. They are kind and helpful. If there is anything we ever need, they help us.’


Pupils’ behaviour is strong. They relish the opportunity to be awarded ‘trackit’ points via the school’s reward system. Among other things, pupils receive these for demonstrating the school’s values of ‘resilience, empathy, aspiration, curiosity, honesty’. As a consequence, pupils are thoughtful and respectful of each other. Pupils learn to be resilient and have an attitude of ‘never give up’.


Pupils actively participate in the life of the school. Anti-bullying ambassadors care and support those who are feeling unhappy. The pupil leadership team explores how to make the school a better place."

Read the full report below.

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