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What are SATS?

SATs (or Standard Assessment Tests) are national tests given to children at school. They are also known as 'SATs papers', 'SATs exams' or 'SATs tests'.

In primary school, children take their Key Stage 1 (KS1) SATs at the end of Year 2 and their Key Stage 2 (KS2) SATs at the end of Year 6. SATs papers are taken in English Reading, Maths and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GaPS or SPaG). Separate SATs papers are also taken in Writing and Science though these are less formal teacher assessments.

How can I help my child with their SATS?

There are many ways to help your child with their SATS, one of the ways is by using SATs past papers. 

At you can download all of their SATs past papers for free. They have carefully organised every SATs paper to make it easy for you to find and download.


Every SATs paper is correctly named so you can easily download and print them at home.

Past SATs papers are best given to children in the months before their real SATs. This way they can practise answering SATs-style questions in a timed environment.

Once children have completed a SATs paper, check through their answers. This will help you and your child identify weaknesses and know how to support them.

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