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Our Approach

At Inglehurst Junior School RSHE is an important part of the Jigsaw PSHE programme and it is delivered through the 'Relationships' and 'Changing Me' puzzle pieces which are covered in the summer term. 

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • To become confident in understanding the RSHE curriculum, how it progresses across the years and how it links with science.

  • To promote a positive attitude towards the learning of RSHE.

  • To develop an understanding of the RSHE curriculum and how it progresses across the years.



  • To enable children to understand and respect their bodies.

  • To help children develop positive and healthy relationships appropriate to their age and development.

  • To support children to have positive self-esteem and body image.

  • To empower them to be safe and safeguarded.


What is RSHE like at Inglehurst?

Each year group will be taught appropriate to their age and developmental stage. At no point will a child be taught something that is inappropriate; and if a question from a child arises and the teacher feels it would be inappropriate to answer, (for example, because of its mature or explicit nature), this information with be shared with you by your child’s class teacher. The question will not be answered to the child or class if it is outside the remit of that year group’s programme.

Below is a summary of RSHE coverage within the Jigsaw scheme for each year group: 

  • Year 3 - How babies grow and how boys’ and girls’ bodies change as they grow older

  • Year 4 - Internal and external reproductive body parts, body changes in girls and menstruation

  • Year 5 - Puberty for boys and girls, and conception

  • Year 6 - Puberty for boys and girls and understanding conception to birth of a baby

Currently we offer: 

  • Jigsaw Programme

  • Jigsaw Families Programm

For more information about RSHE at Inglehurst Junior School please see the RSHE policy and the PSHE subject information.