Our Approach

At Inglehurst Junior School the current French curriculum has been designed to meet the statuary foreign language needs and interests of the school community. It has been proven that young children absorb languages quickly from an early age and this has a very positive impact on their oral communication.

We believe that speaking French is an influential method of communication. It conveys intellectual feeling and expression development. As an important part of culture, past and present, it helps pupils understand and relate to others, building links between the home, school and the wider world. The teaching of French develops pupils' ability to listen and appreciate a wide variety of different pronunciations. At Inglehurst Junior School, we learn French during school time through a range of activities, games and songs, which are designed to help us progress in four main areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • To promote a confident, positive attitude towards the learning and use of French in an enjoyable environment.

  • To promote confidence in the skills of speaking and listening, constructive feedback and sharing practical work.

  • To provide opportunities for the development of communication skills where relevant across the curriculum.



  • Foster an interest in language learning by introducing children to other languages in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to all pupils.

  • Stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language and creativity in experimenting with it.

  • Support oracy and literacy, and in particular develop speaking and listening skills.

  • Help children develop their awareness of cultural similarities and differences.

  • Lay the foundations for future language study by pupils.


What is Languages like at Inglehurst?

The curriculum is developed by the staff team and agrees to the key elements to support French teaching at Inglehurst Junior School.

French is taught once per week across the school. French enhances oracy and a literacy across the curriculum for Literacy and topic work. By being exposed to a different culture, pupils develop an awareness of cultural similarities and differences that enhances a necessary tolerance for others. 

For additional information please view the documents below or contact Mr Lorin (Subject Lead).

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