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What is Geography like at IJS?

A subject loved by both pupils and teachers alike, Geography at Inglehurst is fascinating, engaging and full of explosive topics for the children to get stuck into. From vicious volcanoes to roaring rivers, the pupils at Inglehurst are exposed to a wide range of physical and human geography whilst linking everything they learn to different locations around the world.

Geography lessons allow the children to learn and understand more about their local area before exploring far and wide across the globe, reaching Europe in Year 4, America in Year 5 and the Rest of the World in Year 6! The children are given the opportunity to use a wide range of resources including maps, atlases, globes and compasses, building upon their own Map Skills year on year.

Exploration and Wonder
At IJS we love to explore and this is exactly what we encourage in every Geography lesson. As teachers, it is immensely important that we instil a sense of wonder and curiosity into the children and encourage them to dream big and travel far. This is why it is so important that we open their eyes to the world beyond Leicester and begin to understand the huge variety in culture, beliefs and lifestyles being lived by many, thousands of miles away.  

Both physical and human geography is taught within school allowing children to make crucial links whilst intertwining the map skills they have built upon during their time at IJS. After all, that is exactly what a ‘good geographer’ would do!

Where possible, it is also important for the children to get out of the classroom and carry out fieldwork in the local area. Fieldwork is of growing importance in the subject and whether it be exploring our own school field or walking to Stokes wood Park, it is something we endeavour to incorporate into more of our lessons. 

A good IJS Geographer is curious about the wider world and uses the skills and knowledge taught within school to explore further. As a school we strive to ensure every child leaves Inglehurst with a desire to travel and a solid understanding of WHY and HOW Geography is linked to so much of our day to day lives.


Pupil Voice - Year 3 and 4

“I like learning all about the world and finding out new things.”


“My favourite part of Geography is using the atlases and finding out new information. We find out about new countries and can search for new facts.”

“Geography is all about the world and the environment. We learnt all about rivers and how they meandered in Year 3”

Pupil Voice - Year 5 and 6

“I love geography, we use atlases and can find out lots of information. Every time I look in the atlas, I learn something new.”

“I remember learning all about rivers in Year 3. We made a diorama and labelled all of the different parts. I hope we can do the same when we learn about volcanoes.” 

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