Our Approach

The current geography curriculum has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the school community and respond to contextual priorities at Inglehurst Junior School. The children study each of the statutory areas of geography (National Curriculum, 2014) each year but with a new focus and new physical area. This enables them to revisit mapping and fieldwork skills on at least four occasions over their time at IJS, whilst at the same time broadening and deepening their understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. By seeing these interactions and how they have changed over time, they will be able to develop connections and realise the impact of human and physical change, whilst recognising the consequences for their lives today. By revisiting mapping and fieldwork each year, the information and skills they acquire will be embedded through repetition. The knowledge embedded and skills learnt are also revisited regularly over the key stage allowing for practice and revision and so developing life-long learning skills through their studies of geography, which can be communicated in a variety of ways.

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • To teach Geography that is relevant and accessible to the children.

  • To ensure children experience fieldwork outside of their local area. 

  • To teach in a way that builds upon previous learning.

  • To embed knowledge for long term recall.

  • To develop cultural capital and broaden the understanding of the world in which the children live. 

  • To create individuals that understand the world we live in.



  • To recall previous learning and build from it.

  • To fosters a curiosity about the world which creates a desire to continue to learn more in Geography.

  • To engage in fieldwork and use these experiences to develop their own geographical understanding. 

  • To acknowledge similarities and differences between countries. E.g. Physical and Human Geography. 

  • To have a desire to explore a variety of countries and fully engage in a range of cultures. 


What is Geography like at Inglehurst?

Geography is taught once a week and the new curriculum framework, developed by the staff team, embodies the agreed key elements and lies at the heart of geography teaching within Inglehurst Junior School. The curriculum develops over a four-year period and each new focus builds upon and adds to the previous learning, expanding both children’s geographical knowledge further across the globe as well as their fieldwork and mapping skills. The topics chosen are relevant and accessible for children and relate to their lives and the community in which they live. A supporting programme educational trips and wider experiences enhance both the desire to learn and the development of local, national and global cultural capital.


For additional information please view the documents below or contact Miss Orton (Subject Lead).

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