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Remote Learning


Google Classroom

Inglehurst Junior School uses Google Classroom for remote learning. Pupils have been given an IJS email address and password for Google Classroom. We have also produced some help guides, and sourced some help videos to get you set up:

If you need further help with Google Classroom, including forgotten emails and passwords, please encourage your pupil to get the help they need from their classroom teacher. Google also provides their own guides which can be found here.

Parents/guardians are also invited to view their pupil's work on Google Classroom, they can do so by filling out the following form and handing to the classroom teacher:

How can I help my child continue their learning at home?

There are many ways to help your child with their continued home learning if they are having to isolate - first and foremost, they should complete the work set daily by their class teacher. In addition, we have compiled a list of useful websites to aid with home learning (it is important to ensure children are using the internet safely - for information on internet safety please visit our E-Safety page).

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