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Physical Education at Inglehurst Junior School

At Inglehurst, we want all of our pupils to lead healthy and active lives. Whilst at IJS, children will have opportunities to experience a wide range of physical activity, be physically active for long periods of time and will engage in competitive sports. PE is a core subject, which is timetabled for two occasions each week. On these days, children arrive in school in their PE kits (refer to the year group newsletter for your child’s PE days).

“I love P.E because I work with different friends in my class and I get to play lots of fun games.”

Year 3 student

“I like P.E because we learn different sports like football and skills like in gymnastics. It also gives me lots of energy.”

Year 6 student

“I enjoy PE because it’s really fun and it makes me feel energetic and happy when I’m doing it.”

Year 4 student

What is PE like at IJS?
The PE curriculum at IJS is progressive and focuses on a variety of skills, not just physical skills but also teamwork, resilience and discipline. Throughout key stage 2, children will participate in range of sports and games: invasion games, net and wall, striking and fielding, health and fitness, orienteering, dance, gymnastics and swimming. PE is taught by class teachers and our PE coach, Miss Bedder. Lessons or extra sessions are sometimes ran by sports specialists, who come into school to teach children a specific sport.


As well as practicing physical education in lessons, children also have the opportunity to attend extra-curricular activities such as sporting events, festivals and competitions, which are ran by the Leicester School Sport Partnership. Children also have access to sports equipment at lunch times, where they can engage in physical activity. After school, there are a range of sports clubs for different year groups for children to attend.

At IJS, we have access to two inside halls, a field and outside playgrounds including the cage. As well as this, our swimming lessons are held at Braunstone Leisure Centre. Festivals, events and competitions are held at Saffron Lane and a variety of high schools and colleges. At school, we have access to a wide range of sports and physical activity equipment including modern gymnastic apparatus. 

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