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At Inglehurst Junior School we believe that our pupils are growing up in an increasingly complex world which presents many positive and exciting opportunities, alongside many challenges and risks.  Personal, Social, Health and Economic education at IJS aims to tackle a range of themes and issues to support pupils in acquiring the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.


Weekly, engaging lessons, support the pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and understanding of the fundamental British Values.


PSHE is not just taught through PSHE lessons! Pupils are given opportunities to build upon their resilience and nurture their mental and physical health across the curriculum



Here at IJS, children really enjoy their PSHE lessons! Here are some of the things they say:


“I like that we can talk together about challenging life decisions.”

“It helps us to explore our emotions and help others.”

“I enjoy doing the calm me, it’s relaxing.”

“I like that you learn new things, like how to be safe.”

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