Our Approach

The current Literacy curriculum has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the school community and respond to contextual priorities at Inglehurst Junior School. Having previously followed a skills led approach to the teaching of Literacy across year groups, the recognition of the need for a knowledge and skills interwoven curriculum became evident. Previous assessment, moderation and investigation highlighted the need to develop a writing programme that would inspire, motivate and support children to become independent writers, writing for their own purpose.  It was also evident that children viewed literacy as a teacher led activity, with little understanding or awareness of how valuable their contributions to the written world could be. Children, although very interested in the mechanics of writing (Grammar and Punctuation) they were often unable to independently apply the skills to improving their own writing. Lack of relevance and connectivity impacted upon the children’s understanding and growth as writers. Higher than average levels of deprivation in the local community also creates limited out of school support and under-developed cultural capital. This can have a negative impact upon the success of writing topics that are very much removed from their current life experiences, therefore creating the need for writing opportunities that are relevant to the community. The link between reading and writing remains a clear focus and the intention to better inter-connect the two remains a priority.

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • To foster a desire for children to continue to write successfully.

  • To teach writing that is relevant and accessible to the children.

  • To teach in a way that builds upon previous learning and improves the writing process over time.

  • To embed knowledge for long term recall.

  • To develop cultural capital and broaden the understanding of the world in which the children live. 

  • To create skilled writers for future learning and for life.



  • To recall previous learning and build from it.

  • To write based on their own experiences, interests and concerns.

  • To understand that attention to grammar and transcription is essential for the communication of meaning.

  • To understand that writing goes beyond the classroom.

  • To express what they choose to and in a genre that most suits their needs.


What is Writing like at Inglehurst?

Writing is taught 5 times a week and is delivered through a writing process. We begin by teaching genre through Talk-For-Writing and genre booklets. Alongside genre teaching, functional grammar lessons are delivered to give learners the explicit skills to make their meaning clear. Children are then prepared for their own independent writing drawing on their own personal ideas. Once the children have completed their initial drafts, they make compositional revisions and grammatical edits in order to produce their best piece to write in to their ‘best’ books.


Currently we offer: 

  • Handwriting and spelling interventions.

  • Dictionaries, thesauruses and online resources available through class iPads and laptops.

  • Whole school competitions.

  • Writing workshops.

For additional information please view the documents below or contact Miss Howes (Subject Lead).

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