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Inglehurst Junior School  – A writing Community !

We love writing at IJS. We call it "Writing for Pleasure" – simply because it is!

Thanks to our great friends Ross Young and Felicity Fergusson of the Writing for Pleasure Centre, we are all part of a great writing community!  

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We know that writing is a life-long skill used by everyone every day and that writing to someone for a reason is very important to our children as they grow up but it is also just great fun! So our children always write to or for someone. It’s real and it’s important.

Which Publishing House does your child work for? 
At IJS everyone is a member of their class Publishing House and each house has it's own unique name, including; Amazing Aquila Writers, Creative Aliens, and The Eye of Wonders! See some of the amazing publishing house logos below:

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The great part about belonging to a Publishing House is that the children get to choose together –

Who they write for!

Why they write!

What they write about! 

When everyone is ready to publish, we have a celebration party to share all the texts we have written. Then we publish our work! Sometimes we send letters to our Head Teacher, our MP or our favourite charity. Sometimes we read our stories to younger children and leave the books in their library. Sometimes we put our work on show in the school entrance or book room for everyone to read. Sometimes we share our work on social media and our web- site or we simply write for that special person in our lives. 

Keep your eyes open – IJS writing is everywhere! 

Personal Writing Journals

Another great fact about writing at IJS is that all the children and teachers have their own “Personal Writing Journals”. They are our special books in which we can work on our own writing projects, whenever we want. If someone has a great idea for a story – they can get started in their journal straightaway. Everyone loves their Personal Journal at IJS.

The teachers are all writers too at IJS – everyone has a go –  will you join us? 

The Process

We are here to inspire, support and develop your child as a writer. The children have “Conferences” with their teachers every week to talk about their writing project and how to take their next steps. They are proud of what they achieve and how far they have come.

All our writing follows the same writing process, whether writing in class, or writing in our personal writing journals:

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Writing Gallery

Additional Documents

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