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Maths at Inglehurst

Maths is one of the most popular subjects here at Inglehurst Junior School! We simply love it! It is our intention that all children leave IJS with a firm grasp of all aspects of the maths curriculum so they can apply this to everyday life situations. We want all children to have an enjoyment of maths and understand that maths is so important to life beyond the classroom. Maths is most certainly all around us!

Here at Inglehurst, we use a range of resources to enhance and develop teaching and learning. Children’s learning is supported through the use of concrete manipulatives (objects) and pictorial representations (pictures), before moving to abstract symbols (numbers and signs).


Children use a variety of objects and manipulatives to support their mathematical thinking. 


We use the White Rose Scheme to support teaching and learning across school. It provides opportunities for deep reasoning and sparks curiosity and thinking. Staff use other resources to supplement teaching and learning so children are supported at every stage of their learning journey. 

Children have Maths lessons every day. On Fridays, children often complete Flash Back Friday tests to check their understanding on a previous area of learning. They love showing off what they can remember!

What does Maths look like at IJS?
Maths lessons usually start with fluency activities which aim to recap previous learning or to consolidate the learning of key number facts. These include Flash Back 4s, Mental Maths starters, times table practise, number bond and counting activities.

Following this, children continue on their learning journey and the teachers adapt lessons to support the needs of all children. The lessons generally follow a ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach to support pupils. Children work in groups or with their partner so they can share ideas before attempting independent questions. Children that finish quickly are challenged through reasoning and problem solving questions. 
For children that need additional support, we use a Maths intervention called Number Stacks. Children have the opportunity to consolidate and practise key maths skills in a hands on and practical way. 

"I like Maths but I definitely find it hard. However, I really enjoy learning about Fractions and Percentages."
Year 6 Pupil

   "I like Times Table Rock Stars because I used to struggle with my times tables but now I don’t because I practise every day."
Year 4 Pupil

"I enjoy completing the TTRS sheets and working on my rock speed. I love Times Table Rock stars!"
Year 4 Pupil

"I enjoy the Reflect and Challenge parts in Power Maths because they really make me think about my learning."
Year 5 Pupil

"I like doing place value in my Number Stacks Intervention because it has helped me to exchange." 
Year 4 Pupil 


Times Table Rockstars
We love TTRS here at Inglehurst! The children love challenging each other and even the teachers to rock slams and rock battles! They work hard to improve their ‘Rock Speed’ and all aspire to be Rock Heroes!
Every year, we have a Times Table Rock Star day where the children get to dress up as a rock star. Throughout the year, we hold competitions across year groups and classes for a bit of friendly competition.  

Useful Websites

Please find below a list of useful websites below to support your child with their learning:

Maths Learning Gallery

Maths Work Gallery

Maths Extra Curricular Gallery

Additional Documents

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