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On behalf of the children, staff and governors of Inglehurst Junior school, I would like to welcome you to our website. Here you will be able to access important information about the school, and will be able to keep up to date with all the latest news and exciting developments at Inglehurst. 


The school has a rich and varied history, dating back to Victorian times in the 19th Century. The school was previously a boarding school, and class sizes in the 21st century were far more manageable than they were back in the 19th century. I wouldn’t like to have been a teacher back then!

At Inglehurst, our school motto is the 3 Ls - Living together, learning together, laughing together. We believe learning should be stimulating and fun. We promote independent learning, where children are encouraged to make their own learning discoveries. We use a fantastic differentiated curriculum called Pathways, which equips children with essential knowledge and skills. Pathways takes a step by step approach, systematically building the children’s skills from the ground up. Imagine a wall being built. You start at the ground and build up. If you miss bricks, the wall will fall down. Pathways doesn’t miss a brick. Children do not move from one pathway to the next until they have demonstrated that the skills in the pathway they are in have been firmly embedded in their

learning and work. At Inglehurst, we recognise that our children benefit greatly from experiences outside of the classroom. Therefore, each year group plans for fun educational trips that enhance the curriculum and provide children with unique and inspiring experiences. As a school, we understand that children thrive in different disciplines. It is for this reason that we offer children a balanced curriculum with opportunities to excel in a variety of different areas. Where possible, we like to teach through themes, yet core skills are taught discretely where necessary. We also plan “themed days” where children might dress up as a character related to the theme, or where special talented guests are invited to the school to inspire and wow our children.


We run a variety of fabulous clubs that cater for different interests. Our clubs are often oversubscribed due to the exciting nature of them. Children who participate in our clubs develop skills in street dance, Japanese language, skipping, arts and craft, cookery, just to name a few!


We love to celebrate the successes of our children, from being polite and well mannered to working hard and producing excellent work in lessons. Throughout the school we use a golden dot system, where children collect golden dots as recognition for their efforts. Once they have collected fifty dots, the child will receive a special lanyard for the contribution they have made to our school. If a teacher feels their child has gone above and beyond, and really excelled in a particular discipline, they will put their name forward to receive a special Head Teacher award, which they will receive on a Friday at our celebration assembly.


Finally, I am proud to say that we are all extremely welcoming at Inglehurst Junior School. We operate an open door policy, and are delighted to welcome guests into our school. If you would like to receive further information about Inglehurst Junior School, or if you would like a tour of the school, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


I look forward to living, learning and laughing with you!

Mrs S. Downes, Headteacher

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