Our Approach

The current history curriculum has been designed to meet the needs and interests of the school community and respond to our children’s needs at Inglehurst Junior School.

During there journey through history the children will learn new knowledge surrounding the periods studied and learn how to investigate using history based skills. The history curriculum develops from year 3 to year 6, each year building on the  previous year. The topics chosen have been selected so as the learning develops along with the childs age.   The topics relate to their lives and the community in which they live. The children all get the opportunity to experience visitors coming into the school, educational trips and wider experiences, enhance the both the desire to learn and the development of local cultural capital. 

Aims and Objectives

School Staff:

  • Encourage a desire to learn more in history.

  • Ensure the subject Is enjoyable and accessible to all children.

  • Build upon previous learning and creates a story over time

  • Embed knowledge for long term memory through investigation and repetition

  • Broadens the understanding of the world in which we live. 

  • Creates skilled historians for future learning 



  • Discover how changes in the past have impacted today

  • Compare and contrast different periods of history 

  • Use primary and secondary resources to gather information 

  • Record information to suit the audience and purpose 

  • Chronologically order the time periods studied and their dates


What is History like at Inglehurst?

All year groups cover the same periods of time, which enables pupils to revisit all the time periods each year and on each visit, broadens and develops their understanding of both the society and the changes. However each year group focuses upon a particular topic area within the era. Each focus area has been chosen to meet the interests of the children, whilst also developing in maturity and understanding. 

Historical periods studied by all:


  • Stone Age

  • Bronze age to Iron age

  • Romans in Britain

  • Anglo Saxons /Scots/Vikings

  • Plantagenet (Richard III)

  • Ancient Egyptians

  • Ancient Greeks

  • Benin 

Historical focus studied:

Year 3 – Housing and living 
Year 4 – Life style and clothing
Year 5 – Crime and punishment 
Year 6 – Weapons and wars

For additional information please view the documents below or contact Mrs Hamlington (Subject Lead).

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