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Our Inglehurst Historians

Like a good detective, good historians are curious and ask important questions. This is at the forefront of the teaching of history at Inglehurst.

AT the beginning of each lesson they are given ‘The big question’ and look for evidence in artefacts, photographs, writings and objects made by people in the past, different sources and how they are used to get as close to the truth as possible.


Our Curriculum

Our History curriculum is carefully designed and sequenced to provide all pupils with opportunities to develop their knowledge of different eras of British history from stone age to the end of the Viking era. In year 3 the children love to learn about how people lived, in year 4 how they dressed, the gory ways we punished people in year 5 and in year 6 they learn about the battles which took place in order to rule over Britain.

We also look at Britain in comparison to the ancient civilisations of the same time and the children are astonished at how the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians were ruling empires and building mathematical miracle structures whilst we were running around in fur skins carrying clubs! 

With so many of our children having a heritage from the African countries, children learn about the British invasion of the great Benin Kingdom during black history month and how our views have changed over time about what happened.


Our Local King

Lastly, being a school in Leicester, we could not miss the opportunity to look into how we found our last Yorkist King in a carpark! The children look at the evidence found and what it tells us about how he died, but also why he was there in the first place!


Hands-on History

All the children get the chance to see history first hand and visit at least one historical place a year. They also enjoy the history re-enactment days when outside performers and historians tell them about the past.

The children have the opportunity to investigate why and how we live the way we do today, through the fascinating and sometimes shocking study of British and world history.

History Gallery

Additional Documents

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