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Our Vision and Aims

Our Vision

At IJS, we are so much more than a school. We are the centre of our community: a place to learn, a place to feel safe, a place to find help, and a place to have fun. We ask all our children to be the best ‘me’ that they can be. We give our children whatever they need to succeed and no one is left behind. We work together, play together and laugh together. IJS is a school where eyes are opened to a world of hope, chance and opportunity, and children leave resilient, respectful and ready to thrive.​


Our Aims


At Inglehurst Junior School we believe that all children should be happy and valued as individuals who are empowered by education and gifted with values. We strive to develop curiosity and creativity in children to enable them to be successful, self-aware citizens who make positive contributions to the world in which they live.



At Inglehurst Junior School, we recognise that learning to read is a fundamental right that should be fostered within all children. We understand that the ability to read will allow children to achieve their very highest potential at both school and work. The skills developed throughout reading pave the way for our children to flourish and this is something that we nurture within our broad and balanced curriculum.


We strongly believe that communication plays an essential role in all aspects of life and therefore we aim to provide our pupils with a vast vocabulary, in order that they have the sufficient tools to articulate and express themselves in all stages of their life. Our aspiration is that all children have the opportunity to progress to a high standard of oracy, enabling them to become confident, self-aware global citizens.



Within Inglehurst Junior School, we understand and embrace failure as being a part of learning. It is our intention to offer our children the opportunities to learn that failure is not a weakness but a chance to redefine personal success. Through teaching our children how to be resilient we are giving them transferable skills, characteristics and a vocabulary so they can tackle any new areas and challenges that may arise throughout life, giving them the skills to learn today for their future tomorrow.



At Inglehurst Junior School, one of our core values is respect and we foster this for individuals, the school and the wider community through a caring and supportive learning environment. As our school population is reflective of modern Britain today, we celebrate diversity and develop tolerance, placing a strong emphasis on the formation of relationships. We strongly believe that the values of honesty, integrity, equality and empathy are fundamental to building these relationships.



We offer our pupils an excellent range of activities in order to extend their interests and aspirations. Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire our pupils, both academically and creatively. We passionately believe that involvement in an extensive range of opportunities supports our pupils’ development and curiosity for the next stage of their education and future employment.

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