Our Vision and Aims

Our Vision

Children and staff work continuously to enable each individual child at Inglehurst Junior school to realise their full potential.

We aim for everyone, as learners, to:

  • be well balanced , healthy individuals with a strong sense of self -worth and pride. 

  • be polite and courteous to all others.

  • feel safe and free to learn in a caring and supportive environment.

  • enjoy and celebrate triumph through endeavour.

  • be confident enough to take risks whilst learning.

  • take an active role in their learning and be involved in planning their next steps.

  • understand and respect diversity.

  • listen to others

  • respond to others in a respectful manner

  • be independent thinkers who can work creatively around problems and co-operate with others

  • be aware of their learning needs and be proactive in having them met

  • be able to relate learning to real-life

  • be proactive in their responsibilities towards our local community, the wider society, the environment and the economy.

Our Aims

  • To inspire a love of learning.

  • To encourage a desire for information and answers.

  • To develop independent learners and thinkers.

  • To create a belief in yourself and recognise your worth.

  • To provide a bespoke curriculum that can be tailored to individuals.

  • To create a proudly diverse school community.

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