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Year 5

Happy School Kid

A Typical Year 5 Day
Children are expected to arrive at school by 8:50am with morning lessons commencing at 9:00am. Spelling, Guided Reading, Literacy and Maths are all taught every morning, five times a week with their afternoon lessons varying from day to day to include Geography, Science, P.E, PSHE and many other exciting subjects.

Every classroom has a current timetable up on their class noticeboard so that the children know what to expect from each day. 

What to Bring
In Year 5, children should be organised and responsible for their own belongings and equipment in preparation for secondary school. 

They should wear their P.E kit to school on a Tuesday and bring their swimming kits with them on a Friday. Pupils should ensure that their PE kit is smart and follows the school uniform policy. 

Year 5 Homework is set on a Friday and is due back in on a Wednesday. Instructions for completing homework, including guidelines on presentation, is included on the homework sheets which are sent home each week 


Our weekly spelling test is also on a Friday and the children will be given their new list of words to learn as part of their homework.

The children should read at least five times each week, and ensure that they write in their Reading Diary and bring it into school. These are checked on a weekly basis. 

Year 5 Expectations

Year 5 is an important year for the children at IJS, they now form part of the upper school and must start being role models for the rest of the school.

The children are supported throughout the year via interventions, catch-up sessions and after-school clubs as well as the usual high-quality teaching all children receive in the year group.

At home, parents and carers can also do their bit by:

  • Simply asking, ‘What have you learnt today?’

  • Listening to their child read 5 times a week.

  • Testing them on their weekly spellings. 

Trips and Opportunities

Despite all of the hard work in Year 5, the children still get the opportunity to experience some wonderful trips and events at school. 

Children in Year 5 get the opportunity to go to the National Justice Museum in conjunction with their History lessons around Crime and Punishment. This is a wonderful trip that teaches pupils all about the history of the British justice system, and they even get to prepare and act out a trial in a real courtroom!

In Year 5, the children also visit the Richard III Museum in Leicester to learn our local car park king! We also celebrate our diversity in year five with visits to many different local places of worship and in school visitors and events.

We also plan to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester, in order to coincide with our incredible ‘Space’ topic and gain a more practical insight into extra terrestrial goings-on.  

It is not only out of school where the children get to experience lots of fun learning opportunities. In Year 5, the opportunities for learning are endless and include:

  • Virtual space exploration in Science 

  • Biome creation in Geography 

  • Mock trial experience in History 

  • Our Best Book in Reading 

  • Sports Clubs and Competitions in P.E 

  • Learning to write their own song in Computing

  • The famous year 5 pantomime! 


As with all year groups at Inglehurst, it is expected that your child attends school every day with any necessary absences being reported to the office as soon as possible. Each day in school is a new opportunity for learning and due to the quick pace of Year 5, it is essential that the children are in school every day to ensure they do not miss out on any learning or opportunities.

At the end of each term, every child with 100% attendance will have 100 TrackIt Lights credited to their account for them to spend in our rewards shop.

In addition, punctuality is a high priority and essential life skill. In year 5, each class teachers makes a running record of latecomers each day and by the weeks end, the most punctual class wins an extra break time!

Year 5 Readers
Reading for pleasure is a focus in Year 5 as it is across the school and we enjoy hearing all our children read regularly and we read to them daily. We all have our favourite authors and books which we share with each other. In school we have a well-stocked library and we encourage children to read a range of books.
Below is just a small selection of some of the wonderfully inspiring books your children may wish to read throughout Year 5:

  • Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith

  • Eating Chips with Monkey by Mark Lowery

  • Crater Lake by Jennifer Kellick

  • Seven Ghosts by Chris Priestly

  • Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell

  • Boot by Shane Hegarty

  • Charlie changes into a Chicken by Sam Copewell

  • I Stole my Genius Sister’s Brain by Jo Simmons

  • Space Oddity by Christopher Edge

  • The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Rauf

  • Wonder by RJ Palacio 

Please let us know if you have any special requests for new books as we are very happy to order them. 

Your Well-Being
In year 5 as in the whole school we consider the well-being and the mental health of our children to be of great importance. We understand that school can sometimes by challenging for our children emotionally and physically and we offer a wide range of support to help them adapt to change and growing up.


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